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For those parents with little experience of boarding school, selecting the best school can be a daunting prospect; most rely on friends and family for help and advice. Each child is different and each school is different. With a little help from the experts you can find that perfect place where your child will blossom and grow to his or her full potential.

Choosing a boarding school is difficult enough when you live in the UK. When you live overseas, it makes selecting and visiting schools a huge task.

We have personally visited over 350 UK boarding schools; this first-hand experience enables us to identify what is special and unique about each school and match this with the needs of each child. The ease and convenience of our educational service aims to make the search for the best school a stress free experience.

Sara Sparling
(Anderson Education)
Sara Sparling is an Education Consultant who travels frequently to meet local and expat families considering a UK boarding school, summer or language programme. Her experience as a teacher, expat wife, mother of three children and as a boarder herself, enables her to understand the needs and concerns of parents. Whilst in the UK Sara makes regular school visits to identify what is unique and special about each boarding school and ensure that Anderson Education has up to date knowledge and information.
Mark Brooks
(Mark Brooks Education)
Mark Brooks has been a consultant to overseas parents and UK boarding schools for the past 15 years. His marketing career began with the Financial Times in London, since then he has worked as an adviser to over 100 leading independent schools worldwide - including governors in Lagos and Abuja to recruit their Heads and teachers. Since 2008 he has supported dozens of families in Nigeria to secure a place for their children at some of the most prestigious boarding schools in the UK and has visited the nation many times.

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